Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A book you should all read

Recently I was given 'Velvet Elvis' by Rob Bell as a birthday present from my sister- I'd already heard good things about it but I wasn't expecting it to be this good!
The guy pretty much sums up my beliefs but in a way that makes sense, and that I don't feel guilty about... it's encouraging to know that a guy who's the pastor of a massive church thinks similarly to me!

Here's an excerpt:

Now before various people start calling Rob and I heathens for denying the virgin birth- we're not. He's simply saying that the virgin birth- along with literal 6 day creation, the factual accuracy of the book of Jonah, and various other doctrines- is not the central point of his faith. Instead his faith is centred around the person of Jesus Christ- learning from his words, emulating his actions, and making the most of life here and now. How exactly Christ came into the world is pretty irrelevant when the impact he can have on a person's life is so massive.
Personally, I think the man is onto something... what do you think?

Excuse the image quality- Google Book Search is quite clever at preventing standard Ctrl+C, but they can't do anything about the 'Print Screen' button!

Note to Google & Rob Bell's publishers- since I'm actually promoting the book, how about overlooking the old copyright laws just this once? ;)


Fraser Dron said...

I think yes.

Jim said...

that book really annoyed me....

normally when there's some trendy cool movement/ book program thing floating around the christian community... I can nitpick lots of wholes in it and things I don't like about it...

that book plain annoyed me cos I couldn't find anything I disagreed with in it.... grrrrrrrrrrr

I suppose I really should give matt his copy back

Christina said...

Yeah I've heard good things about it too. Which is especially good coming from people who are usually really guarded about endorsing things :)

Matt has a copy? Hmmm.... [thinks sneaky thoughts about borrowing it from him]

Also, to be a nitpicky person: "wholes" should be "holes" :P He he he he sorry!