Sunday, May 07, 2006

Long time no blog

Hi folks. If you thought this blog had been put out to pasture, think again... it was simply on an extended hiatus due its owner's growing disdain for all things computer related, which in turn stemmed from the increasing repetiveness and frustration factor of said owner's job. Today however, said owner has decided to expend some work time on the blog, which has the twofold benefit of 1) enabling owner to create a new post without extra time spent in front of computer, and 2) helping owner avoid work. (Note to boss: just kidding, I'm on a break)

Right, that's enough rambling descant in the 3rd person for one post. So what have I been up to? Here's a brief overview:

- I'm in the process of forming a band, currently entitled 'Paper Tigers' with Jeremy, Dru, Kris and a guy called Tane whom I don't know but who is, by all accounts, a fantastic musician. We're playing at the Canterbury Uni battle of the bands this friday night at Bentley's in the UCSA if you feel like coming along.

- Last Saturday I went to Auckland for the wedding of my friends Chris and Nicole, which was a wonderful celebration of life, love, family, etc- until some moron cut from Brooke Fraser's sultry 'Without You' to a hardcore Mumsdollar song while all the oldies were slow dancing. It was my first, and most likely last, experience as a wedding reception DJ. At least it wasn't the first dance...

- I have finally invested in the guitar amp of my dreams, well... not exactly... but something close to it. Note the minimalist front panel- I'm now a firm believer in the maxim that tonal quality is inversely proportional to number of knobs. mmmmm...

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