Sunday, March 12, 2006

Band updates

Our NZ tour is over! We capped it off with an interesting weekend, playing at the Jetset Lounge on Saturday night (a bar in central Christchurch) and then Avonhead Baptist Church on Sunday evening. For 3/5 of the band, Saturday was the first time playing outside of a church setting or school, so there were a few nerves and a fair bit of apprehension beforehand. In the end though we just rocked out and had a great time.

Earlier the night had been kicked off in riotous fashion by an Alternative and Experimental Rock Band called Tragedy of the Commons (dig that minimalist website design). With Tony and Matt W laying down a tight-as groove, Matt B ripping the fat lead breaks, and Jeremy doing his best to brain Matt and Tony with the headstock of his guitar, these guys went off. Great songs, great stage presence- definitely a band to watch.

Sunday night was a great way to end the tour, with about 150 people packing out Avonhead Baptist. Given that the ABC sound system can barely be heard over a dripping tap, we got our friend Shane to bring in his (several thousand watt) system- which meant we could really go for it. We finished the night with a really cool worship time and I think lots of people were moved and encouraged.

Thanks to everyone who came to one or both of the gigs, you all rock!

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